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Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake areas. We try our best to stay within a 30-minute drive of our office in Virginia Beach to ensure our team is able to provide the best service possible.

Yes. We have a 1-year comprehensive warranty on all of workmanship. Our workmanship conforms to all city and state building code requirements, as well as industry standard residential construction performance guidelines.

For example, if we are removing a section of wall and expose hidden water damage, we will first bring it to your attention, and then we will create a change order. We post all Charge Orders to our coordination software Co-construct and you will be able to view and provide digital signatures from your mobile device. This eliminates the “surprises” at the end of your project, saves time and allows you to make sound financial decisions as we go.

Yes. Our interactive scheduling system is built directly into our coordination software Co-Construct! It is online-based, so you are able to access it at any time, day or night. We even have an app that you can download to login from your smart phone.

Every home remodeling project is different. Give us a call and we’ll come take a look at your project. Once we put our heads together, we will give you an estimated timeframe.

If you were doing the project all on your own, yes. With Bayshore, we take care of contacting the city on your behalf to acquire any necessary permitting for your project. For most Bathroom or Kitchen Remodels, permitting will be required. Important note: we take care of getting all the paper work and inspections that are required for your project.

Yes! We invite all of our clients to visit our showroom to help with making key material choices such as cabinetry, tile, countertops & other flooring. Our Designers are always excited to explore different options and see what will work best for your vision, space and budget.

We have designed some beautiful, elegant spaces in the past and we can for your project, but if your budget doesn’t meet those great ideas, we will be wasting both of our time. By starting with a realistic budget, you allow us to design based on both your need and your budget. We have many years of experience, by being candid about your budget it allows us to come up with value driven budget ideas. It’s very normal not to know what a realistic budget should be for your project, let’s talk and we can help you get a better idea what money you should set aside.

Check out this Resource: Remodeling: Cost vs. Value

Not necessarily, although renovations can get messy and noisy. We always recommend that our clients relocate temporarily. Many of our clients find that our team of professional tradesmen are very courteous, but keep in mind that if your project is extensive, it may become more practical for you to temporarily move out. Let’s discuss your specific situation prior to scheduling your project and go from there.

We do accept credit card payments and we also offer financing through GreenSky. Because of our longstanding relationship with GreenSky, they always take great care of our clients, offering a variety of plans to help make your dream home project a reality.

This can be a tricky question, but we always advise our customers to set aside additional funds beyond the anticipated cost. Unforeseen issues, including bad framework, outdated wiring, and rotting wood can result in additional costs beyond those outlined in the proposal. We always try to limit these expenses and predict these problem areas well in advance. However, issues can arise beyond our control that need our immediate attention. No matter what may happen, our team will do everything we can to “make it right”.

Estimate: This is just that: a rough range of the costs that you’ll incur during your project. It will likely change as the design and your material selections are refined. This gives the client a better sense of how much they should set aside for their project before we move forward to nail down the exact specifications of their project.

Proposal: This is a detailed price which is typically based on visits to our client’s home. It will include the exact design plans, labor and building material costs, and a detailed project scope. Our staff and our client’s will both sign off on this proposal before any work takes place.

We use email and text communication a lot through the process of a project but, we believe the first conversation should be done over the phone. This allows both of us to determine whether or not this is a good fit. There are many projects that don’t fit our company profile and process and we would rather have a conversation first, to make sure not to waste your time with a meeting.

Yes, our initial consultation is free of charge because we understand that it’s really hard to get an idea of how much your project will cost on your own. After our first meeting (which typically lasts about 50-60 minutes), we will provide you with a “Budget Estimate” as well as preliminary design ideas. This estimate is a ballpark of what we project costs will be, but should give you an idea of cost before going to the next step of the process. This cost figure is subject to change depending on selections and specific choices later on. The next step is signing a design agreement and making all the material selections, before creating a construction proposal with a detailed scope of work.

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