At its core, a kitchen is more than just a room where culinary works of art come to life. It is more than just an area that stores silverware, fine china, and various foods & drinks. A kitchen is a space that adds depth to a home, showcasing your style and personality through the various fixtures throughout. To put it simply, your kitchen is an extension of you.

Kitchen Remodel

With that in mind, ask yourself this: When is the last time you have worked on your kitchen? If you are having trouble coming up with an answer, then it has been too long. At Bayshore Home Solutions, we know that updating a kitchen can be quite an expensive endeavor. But you are in luck, as we also know that sometimes smaller changes are just as impactful as large ones. Here are three fixtures to update to give your kitchen a breath of fresh air.

New Countertops

Perhaps the most underrated fixture within a kitchen, your countertops should be more than just a vessel for you and guests to place plates and silverware. Because of how versatile countertops are in regards to materials, patterns, and colors, you can treat this fixture as a creative endeavor for yourself. We offer granite, quartz, and a slew of unique styles that are sure to catch your eye and match your style.

New Cabinets

Beyond storage for dishes and glasses, cabinets are an efficient way to style your kitchen and keep it up with current trends. In keeping up with popular fads, your cabinets will exude a sense of culture and taste that speaks volumes to your eye for design. Regardless of the color or style you are interested in, Bayshore Home Solutions will provide exceptional service when it comes to this fixture.

New Paint

When in doubt, add a splash of newness with an update to your kitchen’s paint job. While new paint might be a more noticeable refurbishment to your home, it still serves as an easy way to get that fresh feeling back into your kitchen. We are meant to change, so why stick with the same paint you have had for years? Go bold with a vibrant color or opt for a pattern that just pops. And guess what? If you are not a fan of your choice, you can paint over it!

There is no need to fret about making a large scale change to your kitchen to revamp it. Sometimes, it is the little things that count. The same can be said for these updated fixtures that will go a long way for your home. So when you are ready to turn a new leaf, get in touch with Bayshore Home Solutions via our contact page to get the process started!