The right pair of earrings or necklace can make or break an outfit, the right hardware can really make your kitchen or bathroom pop or flop. You can be subtle or go Zsa Zsa Gabor.
Different finishes on hardware can make a big difference – whether black, pewter, rose gold, brass, chrome or others; pairing hardware with cabinets and drawers can be a fun challenge. Something as simple as updating hardware on old cabinets or drawers can add new life to an old room.

Your cabinet hardware doesn’t have to match the color of your kitchen sink or faucets, colors that contrast can help your kitchen stand out from the ordinary. A rule of thumb we like to follow is matching the hardware to the appliances, unless you have accents of other colors throughout your kitchen in an open design then it’s ok to step outside the boundaries. In our showroom we display several towers of hardware samples that are as vastly different as people and their choices. We also order online from different vendors, so your choices are almost infinite.

Choosing hardware can be challenging, it is really up to the individual and what they like, but there are some basic guidelines we like to hang with. Function matters, we lean towards hardware that has a little to no moving parts, without hooks that grab onto your clothes and can be a hazard, hardware that adds pop to your already stunning hardwood or laminate cabinets. Mixing knobs and pulls is ok todo as long as they have the same finish, sometimes all knobs or all pulls just wont work.

We work with many different vendors when selecting hardware – Top Knobs, Berenson, and Jeffrey Alexander among them – they are all good. Stop by our showroom to get a closer look at some of our cabinet jewelry and our more stunning pieces.


Written by Jamez Ronald Prudlick