Have you been thinking of adding to your home? After such a long time stuck inside, we’ve all learned that it’s important to love where you live. With fall quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time for home additions. Here are a few low-impact options to consider!


Winter’s fast approaching and it’ll be harder to catch some sun very soon. Make sure your home is sun-accessible by adding in a brand new four-seasons sunroom – a sunroom ready for all-weather conditions and with electrical additions. Why four-seasons? This way you can enjoy sunlight without worrying about the cold. Grow fruits and veggies without worrying about frost and with the option to add any special lighting your plants might need. It’s a perfect space for cold and hot weather seasons!


The mudroom is an indispensable space in any house – independent of the climate where you live. It’s a designated space for soggy shoes, boots, mud-caked jackets and galoshes, wet umbrellas, and more. For how messy it can be, a tidy mudroom is part of your house and an entryway to welcome family and friends inside. Before making changes to your home consider: how much foot traffic do you expect from residents and visitors, pets included? What do you plan to store in the mudroom and what type of storage will it have? Who does this space need to accommodate? All these questions are important to maximize the utility of the room.


The homes’ centerpiece, a porch is the eye-catching multifunctional addition your home needs. Imagine your brand new porch, cozy chairs at the ready-to-watch the leaves turning red. Small, boxy, cookie-cutter homes become a piece of distinguished art with a new porch. Do you have a home with awkward architecture? A porch helps make your homes’ silhouette uniform and sleek by covering it up and shifting focus. A porch is more than just for looks – are you tired of a hot house from direct sunlight coming through your windows or damage to your packages? Covered porches help keep your deliveries safe while providing some cover over windows, lowering the need for AC in your home during summer.

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