Stunning Light Fixtures

A remodeling project is such a huge venture and one that should be thought out carefully and planned meticulously.

When we decided to redo our office and turn it into a showroom we were very excited. The ideas and designs we employ in other people’s homes could now be used in our showroom, showing potential customers beautiful design and presentation. It also was a lesson in what our clients go through as they are remodeling their home.

We planned, drew, agonized over hardware choices… Rose Gold or Bronze? Taupe or Ivory? Porcelain or ceramic tile… so many choices. Where would we place the new bathroom, would it be tile and a bath or a glass shower with a rain shower spout? We opted to display a wet room complete with free standing soaking tub and Grohe faucets.

The ceiling in our old office was pretty low, we managed to raise it several feet and added LED light fixtures along with some showier light fixtures for display. The chandeliers are many and striking in their display.

The floor has been installed, a nice LVP laid out long ways on the showroom floor. Already easy to care for and really goes with our cabinet colors.

GE Appliances

GE Appliances

We opted to go for a full working kitchen complete with oven and stove, dishwasher and beverage fridge. Our Blanco apron sink is to die for and we love the German designed faucet from Grohe.

Our Desk, kitchen counters and coffee bar we wanted to have transformative tops so one is a leather finished granite, one leather finished marble and the others a stunning white quartz with intricate patterns.

What we didn’t anticipate was time seeming to crawl waiting for the whole thing to be done or the little bumps in the road that seemed like mountains at the time.

The pump for the kitchen sink was the wrong size, so the plumber had to order a new one. We were so busy that our carpenter had to work on our client’s sites before working on our showroom, delay, delay, delay. One set of lights began to flicker, so we had to get the dimmer adjusted. Anticipating the cabinets being finished, we didn’t expect the small bump in the road of not liking the hardware we had picked out so we had to order new and the delivery time of 3 days seemed like forever. All this plus working on our client’s homes using the same contractors.

While we aren’t ready for our grand reopening just yet, the progress is finally starting to show and we’re getting more and more anxious for it to all come together. Our partners and of course our own Designer Karyn and workers Tony and David managed to make it all come together.

Written by Jamez Ronald Prudlick