Everyone deserves a comfortable environment where they can focus on their work for as long as they are required. This can seem impossible at times given the size or location of the space in which some of us reside. With many of the work from home restrictions still in effect, 2021 is shaping up to be another rigorous work year from the sofa. To some, this may be a nightmare, to others, a sigh of relief. In this blog, we are going to go over some quick tips to get your home office caught up with the current, and keep your space free from distractions!

First things first! We have to recognize that we are going to be working from home for some time longer. So, instead of worrying about whether or not you make that design change, you have been wondering about for months, the answer is simple. Do it! Especially when it comes to coloring and accenting your homework area. We as a country, have never spent this much time working indoors before. This reality has caused many of us to get tired of our surroundings, which leads to restlessness, and other concerning distractions.

Start the re-creation of your Work From Home Sanctuary by repainting your office or workstation to reflect a happier more optimistic energy. Many of us now sleep next to our work desk, forcing us to make certain design compromises. For example, some of those old rules of the feng shui and trendy decisions regarding the modern color schemes between your bedroom and office may be temporarily thrown to the wayside. We encourage you to go against some of that conventional wisdom if a clear head and a continued mode of productivity & happiness is the long term WFH goal. Colors to consider: yellows, greens, pinks, & blues. These colors promote happiness and general wellness. Typically, offices would not be painted these colors, as those locations are more geared to productivity and the separation between homey and work environments.

Another piece of commonly accepted logic we can sort of “workaround” is the no desk facing a window rule. Having windows in an office is at times refreshing, but as we know after long hours staring at a screen, the sunlight can be less than welcome to the eyes, so typically we don’t put our desks in front of one. However, If you are fortunate enough to be replete with windows in your apartment or house, it may be nice to move your workstation to face a window from time to time. This will keep you feeling less trapped and give you a nice scenery change. Also, while being stuck inside we need a way to get some vitamin d, so crack a window and give your sanctuary some much-needed sunlight and a proper breeze.

Visual barriers – (These are important)

You want to do the best you can to give your work life and home life some “separation”. This will leave your head clear from distractions and give you an “at work” level of focus. Cheap and effective barrier materials such as curtains can make a world of difference when designing your new layout.

Nix the nightstand for a bedside table that plays double duty as your work desk –

For those of us who will be using their bedroom as a home office, you may have to consider swapping the nightstand with a larger, more versatile table. This may go against some of the typical feng shui notions but through this time where we have little choice but to work from our dwelling, small exceptions can be made.

Enhanced lighting solutions –

The same static light source can become annoying or even irritating if it shines into your eyes for too long. Also, lights that have no dimmable or color change feature give your room the same visual aesthetic no matter what the room is being used for, or what time of day it is. Light has a lot to do with mood, so if you need to transition from a work environment to a home environment, a lot of that can be done with the updating of light fixtures, color options, and placement. Additionally, an aspect of both home and office lighting never before conceived was that of proper camera exposure. With hundreds of hours now being logged via zoom or video conference calls, lighting can sometimes make or break the design of the room. Having the proper lighting will ensure that everything you want to be seen or unseen in your camera’s view will be proper.

At Bayshore Home Solutions, we believe that every hard-working American deserves a work environment that makes them comfortable and productive. We strive to deliver the most ergonomic and affordable renovation & remodeling solutions on the market. And we promise above all to not call the job done until you are 100% satisfied! Thank you for reading this blog and be sure to check back in from time to time to keep up with industry news and exclusive Bayshore deals!