Whoever told you that you can’t have a gorgeous kitchen remodel on a budget has clearly never heard of Bayshore Home Solutions. (We strongly encourage you to send them this page the next time they want to discuss it). An economical kitchen plan is a wonderful way to update your boring kitchen into a beautiful, new space you’ll love! This solution is ideal if you like the layout of your kitchen, but want to update the style or look of your space. At Bayshore Home Solutions, we’ve designed the perfect style no matter which options you choose. Here’s why you should consider our economical kitchen plan for your remodel.

Why would you choose this plan over a full renovation?

  • The layout of the kitchen is either perfect for how your family uses it throughout the day. You don’t need to dramatically change the layout to make the room feel bigger.
  • You’re updating the appliances in the kitchen, but they don’t fit in with the rest of the design.

What can Bayshore Home Solutions offer you?

Over the years, after getting familiar with our suppliers and what works best with our clients, we’ve been able to come up with the perfect economical plan for a flat rate. For a 10×10 kitchen space, you can get a full remodel for $9,999 plus taxes and fees. We’ve been able to pinpoint the most common changes that our clients request whether it’s wood stain, paint color, hardware, and more. What’s included in this offer?

  • A new single or double mounted kitchen sink & faucet
  • Slab drawer fronts
  • New cabinets in a variety of colors
  • And much more!

We have a variety of door styles, paint colors, and wood stains that we can guarantee looks gorgeous together no matter what you choose.

Why does this concept work so well together?

Sometimes picking out every single detail about your remodel can get overwhelming. We’re here to make it easier with a professional finish you’ll fall in love with.